Learn about Straightcoin

Straightcoin is there create some wealth for you and me. We don't make promises, but let you dream!

ICO’s  are the new way to make money-
for me and for you!

There are dozens of new tokens every day and a couple of ICOs a week. They all promise to have some great business model. They promise to build great software (DAPPs) that will change the world and that this software needs a custom token to work.

Lots of the concepts won’t work, will be compromised due to unsecure solutions, will postpone their development process, fail to make an proper ICO, dump their coins, have huge premining amounts or are even HOAXes or SCAMs.

We do not promise anything! We have a cool distribution system that gives you a good chance to get some tokens – also with a little investment. Thats it. You like it? Than it’s time to throw some ETH at us so we can live a good life and go on a nice holiday with our families. You don’t like it because there’s absolutly no concept behind it? Fair enough – go read some whitepapers and hope your dreams will come true.

Almost all of the previous ICOs generatet a great return if you participated. The graph shows the last 10 ICOs which coins/tokens already got listed on exchanges and how they developed. As you can see it doesn’t really matter right now if theres a real product (or the idea of a product) behind a token sale. People are just crazy about it and i think we’re not done yet earning money with ICO’s.

Currently active funders


Performance of last tokens sold in ICOs in $

  • WeTrust
  • Monaco
  • First Blood
  • Crypto Ping
  • Bancor
  • Lunyr
  • Mobile Go
  • Taas
  • EOS

Distribution in %, total tokens: 100000

  • Airdrop
  • Direct Sale
  • Lottery

Distribution of STC Tokens

STC Tokens will be distributed via airdrop, a direct sale and a lottery. You can participate in either one of them or all of them. Tokens sold via the direct sale and airdrop are limited. Tickets given out via the lottery are unlimited and represent your chances to win in the lottery – the amount of tokens distributed via the lottery is limited to 50000. So with a total supply of only 100000 tokens, STC is a very precious gem!

How about some excitement?

Of course you can get some STC via the airdrop or by investing like you’re used too. If you like a more exciting option, how about joining our lottery?

Distribution of Lottery Winnings

1st Price 12000 STC
2nd Price 8000 STC
3rd Price 6000 STC
4th Price 4000 STC
5th Price 2000 STC
6th - 10th Price 500 STC
11th - 50th Price 100 STC
51st - 100th Price 50 STC
101st - 500th Price 10 STC
501st - 1000th Price 1 STC