One Coin - three ways to participate!

Find out the best way to get some Straightcoins.


50% of the total supply of 100,000 Coins is distributed via an airdrop.
A maximum of 250 participants gets 200 STC each. All you gotta do is send 0.01 ETH to an address that is provided after the start of the ICO
Tokens distributed via airdrop get sent to you after the tokens from the lottery are transfered.

free coins
fair distribution
small amount of coins
you gotta be fast

Direct Token Sale

UPDATE: These tokens are now distributed via the airdrop. Every participant gets 200 STC instead of 100. Of course the ones as well who already joined us.


50% of the total supply of 100,000 Coins are distributed via a lottery system.
Send at least 0.1 ETH to an adress that is provided when the sale starts.
There is no maximum amount. The amount you send represents a part equal to your share and you will get tickets for that.
For example there are 1000 participants who have sent 1000 ETH in total. You have sent 10 ETH. Therefore you get 1% of the tickets.
The higher your number of your tickets, the higher your chances to win the lottery.
Price Structure:
1st prize: 12000
2nd: 8000
3rd: 6000
4th: 4000
5th: 2000
6-10 th: 500 (2500)
11-50th: 100 (4000)
51-100: 50 (2500)
101-500: 10 (4000)
501-1000: 1 (5000)

chance to win a huge chunk of STC
influence your chances to win
100% bonus in first 24 hours
you don’t know how much you get
you need to trust in our drawing system