Frequently Asked Questions


Let’s get straight: no, it’s not. I am afraid I could say: „Yes it is“ and some people would still throw some money at me. But it is not. We don’t have a product we need to raise funds for. But seriously: Does the development of EOS or Tether cost 200 million $??? Would you call that a scam? It#s a matter of perspective I guess. I wan’t to raise funds to have some time to support the few produxts I really think will get huge someday and as well develop some own ideas. That’s it.

Actually I like the idea of UET (Useless Ethereum Token). But IMO it’s a hoax, and yeah: I had a good laugh. This isn’t meant to be a hoax. It’s a coin with an interesting distribution but like most other cryptos no actual „value“. The value that it will be given depends on the trust you put in it and the demand it generates. I really believe a lot of you guys will make a decent cut – but as you know: I don’t make any promises!

As this is just the standard ETH token with no more functions in the contract it wouldn’t make any sense. I will send your tokens manually and chack every transactions by my own hand. Thats secure, isn’t it? 🙂

As I don’t make promises – you don’t. Do you know your funds are safe on an exchange? Do you know you’ll get the tokens from any other ICO? We are playing a high risk game here. Win a lot, loose some. If you don’t trust me, get off and buy into another ICO. If you trust me a little invest a little and see if you get your funds. After that invest again if you feel like it. My advice: Listen to your gut. If it feels right to send me some ETH or BTC do it. If not, better don’t. But don’t blame me afterwards when this goes to da moooon.

Lottery FAQ

There is no maximum number of participants. The amount of STC that gets distributed via the lottery is limited to 50000 tokens. The lesser participants, the higher the chances for each individual to win. On the other hand the ones who buy a lot of tickets have a higher chance with lesser participants.

1st prize: 12000
2nd: 8000
3rd: 6000
4th: 4000
5th: 2000
6-10 th: 500 (2500)
11-50th: 100 (4000)
51-100: 50 (2500)
101-500: 10 (4000)
501-1000: 1 (5000)

For each 00.1 ETH thats sent you get 1 Lottery ticket. There is no maximum number of tickets you can buy. The first 1000 tickets win STC following the above price structure. If less than 1000 tickets are sold, as many places, starting from the 1st, as tickets are sold are distributed. The rest of STC will be distributed equally between all participants of the lottery and direct sale.

The drawing will take place as soon as all airdrop seats are sold, no matter how many participants of the lottery we have at that time. An excel list of all lottery participants will be published one day before, just after the ICO closes. That list will be put in a random list generator and The whole process will be filmed with one window showing the internet time. The randomized list will be published again and also be filmed with a time stamp right after the drawing. The final winners will be announced on the website and also receive an email soon after the drawing.