ICO running till all airdrop seats are used

ICO’s  are the new way to make money-
for me and for you!

Before participating in the ICO, please read the following terms and conditions:

By sending your data via this contact form you have no right to receive any tokens. An email with further payment information and instructions will be sent to you. As soon as you made your payment and sent an reply that contains the Transaction ID we can track your investment.

After the end of the ICO it might take up to 4 weeks till you receive your funds. We ask you not to write any posts in official forums about a bad service. We need some time to check if theres no whales involved that use multiple email adresses. So in case it takes a while and you stick to the rules (one participant, one mailadress) don’t be impatient – you’ll receive your tokens!

Theres no guarantee that our token gets listed on exchanges.

If you want to join the airdrop, follow instructions.

For further questions check out our FAQs before investing.

Airdrop Seats left

(updated every hour)


Please send exactly 0.01 ETH to the following address:


Only the first 250 participants can join the airdrop. We will make an announcement here when it’s over. In case any tx were made already when it’s over, those get a lottery ticket for free.

Lottery Tickets Sold

(udated hourly)



You get 1 Lottery Ticket for each 0.01 ETH or 0.001 BTC you send us. You can get as many tickets as you want. At the end of the sale your stake of tickets compared to the tickets sold in total represent your share and therefore your chance to win. Each ticket will represent one line in an excel sheet. The lines will randomly be mixed with a atmospheric noise list randomizer.

Example 1:

You bought 100 Tickets for 1 ETH. During the whole sale 10000 tickets were sold. An excel sheet with 10000 lines will be generated. Your tickets are lines 1000-1100. The lines will be randomized. After that, one of your tickets appears on line 2, another one on line 10. You won the 2nd prize and the 10th prize!

Example 2:

You bought 10 Tickets. Only 1000 tickets were sold (Meh!). The lines are randomized again. None of your tickets is in the top 100. Therefore you will get STC tokens, but not many.


Amount to transfer

The 25000 STC that originally were distributed via the direct sale for 0.01 ETH for each token are distributed via the airdrop for the extended distribution period. Every participant of the airdrop who has sent 0.01 ETH as a fee will get 200 STC instead of 100!
The lottery sale will go on as well. As soon all airdrop seats are used, the lottery will end as well and your tokens will be sent.